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kevin c. downs
Jan 2, 2018
#Horschamp New York, 19 December, at 17 hours, United States Army Recruitment Center in times square. It's a battle on foot. Decided by Barack Obama, the recruitment of transgender people in the U.S. Army was to take effect on 1 July 2017 before the Pentagon decided to postpone the entry into force of this six-month period. A few weeks later, Donald Trump even claimed that it was necessary to deny them purely and simply access arguing that the army could not "Bear the burden of enormous medical costs" that their presence would generate. Since then, several legal actions have been initiated. The last round was lost by the US administration on December 21, so recruitment will start from January 1st... in the middle of legal battles #photo Kevin C. Downs #Photography #Newyork #timessquare#mlemag #mlemonde #photom

Kevin C Downs Photography

Kevin Downs is a New York based photojournalist and documentary photographer.
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